Draw Dragonball Saiyan in Full Colored Pencils

This is a drawing dedicated to people to boost up self esteem and self worth as an individual. Sometimes in life,we just somehow bumped into bullies , in schools, among circle of friends and in society. We DO NOT NEED their existence to make us WHOLE in life.Bullies come in 2 forms. Physical and silent bully.Physical bully is more straight forward which come in violence form with body contact.

Silent bully is a more complicated form which don’t necessary involved phyiscal contact.They don’t even have to raise targeted name but this can be a hidden bully which is meant for the targeted person to see and even intentionally spreading how the person behaved towards them. The next reaction from their friends will definitely be judgemental towards the victim.This is how they are gaining the power at the same time to hurt victim psychologically. Silent bully symptom may involved as below.

  1. Using words( mocking, condemn, hates ,insults etc )
  2. Images
  3. hate videos

These are just some common techniques that they will use to spread it across the internet, social media and to friends and public.They will not fear of any outcomes but just to prove that they have the ” POWER” over something.

Be aware if you have such person around you. What you need to do is to report them. Let them continue to post , let them condemn , insult. They won’t run too far off. This really reflected their personality no matter how good their upbringing was. That is why, I always , ALWAYS emphasized the word ” RESPONSIBILITY ” on my youtube channel. They are a threat to society because their inner self centered characteristic is over powering them. They do not care how you think, they like to do what they want and just to thrash .This is a danger mindset as an individual to society.They can only rot to the core.

But always remember, you don’t have to surrender to any bullies. DRAW POWERFUL images to represent yourself .Tell yourself about your self worth.

Coming back to the drawing of the dragonball Saiyan. I have used few yellows for layering. I really like the final result of the hair.For the outlines, I am using 0.1 MM permanent ink as I do not want harsh lines for this character.The colored pencils I am using is Fabel Castell Poychromos colored pencils.

Always take note of exaggerated various skin tones for anime. That is how they are differentiated from real portrait drawing. The link of the video is right below.

Thanks for your support always.

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