Draw Super Mario Movie

Hello everyone ! It’s been awhile since my last upload. Yeah, I was away due to busy schedule, with work and also to get my hands dirty on drawings and to focus on getting my youtube channel monetized.And I am excited to share the news that I did it on the last day of Dec 2022!What a Journey! This is definitely not an easy one without friends supporting me globally. Thank you to their greatest support !

Today, I will be sharing my latest youtube video on drawing Super Mario Movie .This is a fun one with lots of vibrant colors to work with !

I have bought some blues sometime back while I was doing some art supplies shopping. I always thought how cool to have the caran d’ache luminance 6901 middle cobalt blue 660 which is a very common blue that drawholic use in many of the cartoon drawing.Then I decided to add on some more range of blues in case I needed them in the future drawings. All the colors are great except for Derwent Pro color which I am not sure why the pigment just glided on the surface of the paper and not fully blend onto the tooth of the paper.

Of course there are still a good selection of blues and reds from the prisma premier colored pencil series. Who don’t love this creamy pigmented colored pencils. For this Super Mario drawing, I have included some really great student grade Faber Castell Classic green. They are by far one of the best affordable student grade colored pencils in the market.

Below is the drawing video and if you like this, please help to support my channel by subscribe for future art video and give it a thumbs up .Thank you !

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