Puss In Boots ( The Last Wish )

This is the animation movie Puss in Boots , The last wish that I am looking forward to. It will be premiered in Singapore before Christmas, so exciting. That is the reason I feel it is just right for me to draw this before it will be shown in Cinema Globally.

This is not a difficult drawing but the tricky part maybe the furs that will normally make me caught up with. For such iconic animation cat, I will look up for the landmark which is it’s cheeky look and to put that all into to make it more realistic.

For this drawing, I am using mostly prisma colored pencils and I guess that is the best choice so far.

Below is the end result. Frankly speaking, I really love the rustic silver sword looks and I did made some changes on the glowing colors on Puss in Boots . It looks brighter compare to the original poster. Below is the youtube link for this speed drawing and hope you guys like it.

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