Watercolor Portrait

In last week video, I have decided to try watercolor as the request came from my friend.

For this painting, I decided to give her a delicate feel and not working too dark as in the past.For watercolor, it is always advisable to work from thin layer to dark due to the properties of the pigments. In this portrait painting, I was using the mission gold permanent red.In order to create that delicate skin tone, I have mixed more water to the permanent red than usual.Speaking of the watercolor sketchbook I am using here, it is the Kuelox 300 GSM cotton paper( 130 mm x 190 mm ).This is an affordable watercolor sketchbook and the quality is fantastic! In the future, I will be doing more reviews on this sketchbook.

After the 1st layer, I started my 2nd layer focusing more on the shadow area as well as the eye brows. The technique here is quite straight forward, that is just use lesser water and abit more pigment. You can also just repeat my earlier stage by just layered thin permanent red over the 1st layer. The trick still ,is not to overwork , but just layering slowly. Using this 300 GSM is beneficial especially for beginner artists. You don’t have to worry too much on tearing the paper or causing wobbling of the paper due to too many layers of water.

When comes to details, I always used colored pencils as they are way much easier to control than just a watercolor brush. Below is the purchase link for Mission gold 9 set. This is my 1st set of artist grade watercolor since I used 3yrs ago. I have also attached my video link for this process .Hope you guys love and remembered to subscribe to my channel for more future videos.


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