Drawing Eleven from Stranger Things 4

Recently I have completed this drawing of Eleven from this top series Stranger Things 4 from Netflix. What I know that it has caused such a wave that many artists started to draw different characters from this hit series. This is definitely a trend in the portrait community.

For this drawing I did not following exactly the skin tones from the reference photo. I am using a bit of Chris Hong’s colouring techniques here and I am looking forward to see how it turns out.

For realism drawing, I have to draft out the full details carefully in order to achieve at least 80%of likeness. I agreed, sometimes I have missed some important landmarks which make the final drawing slightly off.

I feel the overall effects were a bit too delicate ?I can definitely see the delicate skin tones through the paper .I think I am quite satisfied the overall feels of delicacy and I feel that it somehow bring out my styles of how I stylized this portrait. This is not easy always easy for me and sometimes I have difficulty in telling the exact colors or what colors should I be using.

I believe this will comes with more practices and to train my eyes to learn how to decipher the color codes. I am someone who don’t believe in using the same brand throughout my coloring process. I love to see how different brands of colored pigments react together when I mixed them. For this drawing, I have mixed with prismacolors, polychromos and caran d’ache luminance. Fantastic ! I love to make this kind of drawing in near future.

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