Tuxedo Mask Vs BTS Kim

This is a fun drawing again with Anime Vs Portrait Style.This time,I have decided to choose 2 well known characters and put them together.

I am using a black 0.1 mm pen in this Tuxedo Mask drawing on the left side.And then work with the rest of the details using colored pencils. Black colored hair was a challenge as you need to be careful in slowly layering the black with grey and black. If just using a black alone , it may turned out flat.

I love to draw more portrait and always feel it is much more challenging than anime. Anime character’s line works are more straightforward while portrait you really need to drill down in looking at the proportion and more detailings are required in terms of skill level.

Next came the drawing of BTS Kim. Overall , I feel his eyes and eyebrows are the most difficult part to tackle.

The color pencils that I am using consist of various brands like, prisma, polychromos and carand’ache. If you like this, you can watch my time lapse video on youtube with the link below.

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