Let’s paint portrait with seascape

This week video I have combined again my portrait with another scenery painting. The last one was the collaboration with my artist friend which I have drawn portrait with mountain. And I thought that was a cool idea overall. For this painting, I have decided to try a new art supply which is the winsor and newton artist grade gouache. I can’t comment them too much as I am yet to try out the whole colors.

But when I bought this on amazon, I had a really really good deal during checkoutI bought it at SGD 14 with shipping inclusive for 10 tubes ! If you going to buy during normal sales , it costs around SGD 40 and you are been charged for shipping fee

The green effect wasn’t that satisfactory and it seems bit too bright for viewers. What I did was to tone down the green to make it muddy by adding some brown to the green. I should have added more of white as well . For the skin tone, I am using mixture of yellow and red using Mijello Mission Gold watercolor. I have added a decent amount of them to add as base skin tone.

For the rest of the facial and highlight, I am using polychromos colored pencils .

My full video is the link below if you like to follow me. Thanks

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